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If covert eavesdropping and bugging interests you, then we suggest to check our offers. We have almost everything for authorities, for detectives and private investigators! To our private customers we offer a professional and excellent covert eavesdropping and bugging equipment.

Sometimes, in critical situations, using cheap and unprofessional bugging device may disappoint you.
We know, there are many vendors in this niche, and some offers may look very attractive… Remember – usually cheap covert eavesdropping and bugging, give poor results.


A “Bug” is a bugging device that we conceal in an specific place, named by professionals “Target”. These Bugs intercept speech or sounds and transmit or conduct them out of the “target’s” place, to a distant listening receiver.
The eavesdropper can be close to the target, and up to miles away, depending on the type of bug he uses.There are five primary categories of “Bugs”: Acoustic, Ultrasonic, RF, Optical, and Hybrid.

An Acoustic Bug is the simplest one. By placing a stethoscope on a wall, into a specific location, and directly intercepting the communication with the naked ear. This also applies to areas where sound is passes though soft spots as windows, ventilation areas, etc.

An Ultrasonic or VLF Bug (VLF is an abbreviation of Very Low Frequency) is a technique use to convert the sound into an audio signal above the range of human hearing;we intercept the ultrasonic signal nearby and convert it back to audio. We use the audio pressure waves by using an Ultrasonic device, the speech or conversation and use them instead of creating a direct radio signal.

An RF (Radio Frequency) Bug is obviously the most famous type of bugging device. We can hide a small radio transmitter in the target’s place, and concealing it in a discreet place.
Of course, you can conceal it even inside an appliance that doesn’t look suspicious. For example, a simple wall adapter or power extension, inside a phone, even in a book. These bugs are relative cheap, disposable. The most important: very difficult to trace back to the person who actually concealed it. They work on different frequencies, as VHF and UHF, and even the GSM.

We can detect easily the GSM bugging device. If we detect such GSM device, usually the SIM card will contain enough information to point to the listener. Be Aware!!!

An Optical Bug is a bugging device that converts sound into optical pulses or beam of visible or invisible light. Professionals use this gear rarely, as it is expensive, and very easy to detect. A good example of this would be active or passive laser listening devices.

Any of the above techniques and bugging devices can be combined to make a Hybrid eavesdropping device.
For example, combination of a bug and a passive or active stethoscope, a bug connected to a phone line etc.

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