Micro bug external microphone spying listening device


Micro bug external microphone spying listening device


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There are some occasions when you need a micro bug with external microphone. For example, concealing the spying bug in a book, or other difficult places.
You may need a very small listening device, which it is not conspicuous, but at the same time it is very sensitive.
The micro bug external microphone spying listening device will solve this problem in a perfect way.
All our bugging listening devices are very sensitive to human voices. However, sometimes you may need more…
This micro bug external microphone spying listening device has a medium power. It will transmit voices and whispers to a distant receiver.
There are many ways to determine a transmitter’s distance, as height or obstructions.
You may find a lot of information regarding distance at our YouTube channel
We estimate the maximal distance in urban areas as ~ 300m (~1000ft) and about 600m (~ 2000ft) line of sight (LOS).
The long 9V battery connector helps a lot when comes to concealing such a bugging listening device.
We also sell 3 different receivers that are matching the spy bug VOX and you may find them here:

Transceiver FM UHF extremely sensitive

UHF Receiver stabilized by quartz 418 or 433 MHZ

UHF professional receiver 433mhz detachable antenna


  • Power source: 1 X 9V battery
  • External microphone (4 mm diameter on 6 cm thin cable)
  • Board Dimension:  only 1.0 cm X 2.0cm!
  • Transmitter’s frequency range: NFM (UHF) 433.6-433.9MHz or 418 MHz
  • Long transmitting range: up to 600 m on clear. (L.O.S).
  • Penetrates through walls and ceilings.
  • Very sensitive microphone picks up a whisper from about 30sq.ft (100sq.m) radius , crystal clear. You won’t miss a word.

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~ 433 MHz, ~ 418MHz


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