Spy bug 9V transmitter listening device UHF


Spy bug 9V transmitter listening device UHF


A miniaturized surveillance audio transmitter for surveillance. The spy bug transmitter uses SAW frequency stabilization and it is feed by a9V battery. Exceptional audio clarity. Impressive distance may be obtained.

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This is a miniaturized audio spy bug 9V transmitter for surveillance, and it is using SAW stabilization.
The listening device transmits on the UHF band (433MHz or 418MHz) because this band is free, therefore you can use it without problems.
Beside the miniaturized size and the sensitive microphone, the distance is very impressive, obviously depending on the terrain.

The spy bug 9V transmitter has an exceptional audio performance and semi-automatic gain control.
Obviously, the distance depends mostly on the environmental conditions in addition to the receiver’s sensitivity and obstructions.
For obtaining the highest performance and longest distance, we also recommend to use one of our receivers.
The small transmitter (bug) has a powerful clear and crisp sound. The estimated distance is within approximately 250m in urban area and up to 600m, (2000ft) line of sight, and most importantly without obstructions.
The spy bug 9V transmitter is designed and tested in our laboratory, and as well “on field”.
Furthermore, high skilled technicians are testing all the tests. They are performed inside and outside, for getting the maximal distance and best results.
We also sell 3 different receivers that are matching the spy bug and you may find them here:

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UHF Receiver stabilized by quartz 418 or 433 MHZ

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  • Supply Voltage: 9V
  • Dimension:  only 1 cm X 2 cm!
  • Transmitter’s frequency range: NFM (UHF) 433.6-433.9MHz and stabilized by SAW.
  • Long transmitting range: (The maximum range obeying FCC and EC rules) – up to 600 m on clear. (L.O.S).
  • The transmissions penetrate through walls and ceilings.
  • Its tiny microphone is very sensitive, and you may pick up a whisper from about 30sq.ft, crystal clear. You won’t miss a word.
  • One of the best audio transmitter for surveillance.

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