Bug listening device UHF voice activated VOX V8 encased


Bug listening device UHF voice activated VOX V8 encased


The bug VOX V8 is a powerful listening device. We install this voice activated transmitter in rigid plastics ABS box. Never misses a word, using UHF band.



The spy bug VOX V8 is a powerful listening device.
We install VOX V8 in a very rigid plastics ABS box, smaller as a match box.
The Bug UHF VOX V8 uses a 9V battery, but the economy of any VOX device is incredible.
Here is how it works: the transmitter is usually in “standby” status, not transmitting. It happens when no one is at home, or during sleep time.
As soon as the listening device hears a voice or noise around it, covering about 15ft (~5m), it begins to transmit.
You can adjust the sound level to various places. This way, the bug UHF VOX V8 listening device will work as desired.
After several seconds, if there are no noises around, it stops transmitting.
Obviously, the battery lasts this way a long time, therefore it is very economical.
It uses an internal sensitive microphone, and comes encapsulated in anti moisture material.


  • Supply Voltage: 9V ALKALINE battery.
  • ABS BOX Dimension: only 4 X 3 cm !
  • Long transmitting range: (Up to 1/2mile – 700m – LOS on clear)
  • Increased NB. (Narrow-band)
  • Ground Plane design, less interferes with other devices.
  • Frequency range of: 418MHz or 433MHz Crystal stabilized, for your PRIVACY.
  • Very sensitive microphone, so you won’t miss a whisper.
  • The device may work up to 15 days connected to a 9V battery (alkaline), depending on the freshness and brand.*

We also sell 3 different receivers that are matching the spy bug VOX and you may find them here:

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UHF Receiver stabilized by quartz 418 or 433 MHZ

UHF professional receiver 433mhz detachable antenna

* The calculation on VOX mode for up to 20 days is assuming 2 – 3 hours of transmissions per day.

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