UHF professional receiver 433mhz detachable antenna


UHF professional receiver 433mhz detachable antenna


This is a professional UHF receiver, and a high quality crystal of quartz stabilizes the frequency.

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This is a professional UHF receiver, and a high quality quartz crystal stabilizes the frequency.
Due to the special design, it is very stable, sensitive and powerful.

It features a detachable antenna, and an improved sensitivity. This way, you will get one of the best receivers.
It includes earphones and an additional recording socket.

It is designed by us especially for our transmitters and listening devices.
Our UHF transmitters, bugs and listening devices, will match the receiver frequency.
This model has excellent sensitivity circuit and great sound quality.
The high quality external earphones produce 70mW of crisp and clean audio power. The receiver allows you to listen all the details of communications and more.
Of course, you can be connect to an external recorder.
One of the most important features is the option of connecting the earphones and a recorder at the same time, unlike other receivers!
This UHF Receiver Quartz stabilized receiver costs less than any Narrow-band scanner receiver and it pairs perfectly to our professional transmitters.
We test it with our transmitters in various conditions and we absolutely recommend it for use.
You may use the UHF CRYSTAL CONTROLLED RECEIVER in a room or business, indoor or outdoor.


  • Power supply: 9V alkaline battery (not included)
  • Size: ONLY 2 X 5.5 X 8.7 cm !!!.
  • Frequency: 433.8-433.9MHz
  • Double Superheterodyne – PLL
  • Sensitivity: Better than –125 dBm into 50 Ohm (12 dB/sinad).
  • Antenna: 10cm
  • Deviation: ~ 2.5KHz to 6KHz !!!
  • Output sockets for audio recording and earphones.
  • External DC jack.

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