VOX V3 voice activated power bug for long distance


VOX V3 voice activated power bug for long distance


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VOX V3 voice activated bug, is an extremely powerful professional high power listening device.

The VOX V3 voice activated spying bug, can use two types of batteries: 3V button type (CR2450), or two AAA batteries.
What is it good for? How does it work?

In general, VOXes use an automatic audio switch.

They begin transmitting as soon as there is a voice around, however at quietness, they quit transmitting.
This way, the battery last for a long time, because it won’t transmit when someone is not at home, neither during sleeping time.
A Power VOX transmits on the UHF band. This is a programmable spying listening device.

We are programming every device to the required frequency and level in our lab, for your privacy
There are almost endless frequencies to chose, between 400 to 460MHz, and we will program it as required by you.
VOX V3 uses a sophisticated micro-processor, in addition to other professional components.
We supply it with 2 options:
You may use the button battery CR2450
You also can use 2 AAA batteries for prolonged transmitting time.
In addition, VOX V3 uses an external microphone, and this is undoubtedly very important when comes to conceal it.

You may use your own receiver, in case that you have one, but in case you don’t have:
Transceiver FM UHF extremely sensitive


  • Working Voltage: 3V ONE X Lithium ( CR2450 to CR2477) OR 2 X AAA batteries.
  • The battery-holder for external batteries uses an ON-OFF switch.
  • External, just 4mm diameter microphone.
  • Board Dimension: The Diameter is only 2.4 cm (Less than 1.0″)!
  • Transmitter’s frequency range: NFM (UHF) 400-459.99MHz CRYSTAL STABILIZED.
  • Long transmitting range:  up to 3000 m² on line of sight. (L.O.S). Special powerful design.
  • Using a microprocessor SMD, for more stability and range (MIL SPECS 0.0001% accuracy).
  • Frequency programmable (In our lab).
  • The transmissions penetrate through walls and ceilings.
  • USA made, high amplification FET microphone.
  • Professional gold plated board, for extra stability.

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400-430 MHz, 430-460 MHz


60mW, 35 mW


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