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About Us

SpyshoPro™ is a well-known international company. We are reputable manufacturers and vendors of professional audio surveillance and security equipment in the international market.

Established in 1990, as the main supplier of audio listening devices, bugs and spying equipment in all international markets, providing only professional surveillance products.

All the products are designed and manufactured by us, therefore the quality, reliability and the customer’s satisfaction, are our most important goals.

Our professional team can develop any electronic surveillance equipment and solving specific problems.

We also offer special services such as development and production of custom products for specific customer needs.

Why purchasing from us


Our mission is to gain a higher market share by providing a higher quality product at a lower price than the competition, this is achieved by cutting out the ‘middle-man’ as we source and import nearly all our products directly from factory, guided by one rule “quality before price”.

We do our own in house Quality Control checks and all our products are backed by reliable warranty, it is for this reason our customer base is constantly increasing, to date we have served thousands of customers, not to mention we have the most unique variety of products you would see locally.

                                      We look forward to doing business with you!

Please feel free to contact us, should you have any question.

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